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The 7 Plays For Rapidly Transforming Your Business Into A Growth Machine That Systematically Doubles Every 3-Years (or less)

In This FREE, Time-Limited Online Workshop, Kevin Cohen Unveils His 7-Step Playbook for Acheiving the IMPACT, GROWTH, and LIFE You Desire.

You’ll Discover:  

→ The silent epidemic affecting so many seemingly successful entrepreneurs – revealed in 0:27.

→ How to lower costs, increase efficiency, and delegate, so you can work on the things in your business that really moves the needle - revealed in 2:12.

→ Why what you've done to get to 7-figures is opposite of what you need to do to scale to 8-figures and beyond – revealed in 8:01.  

→ The assumption you are making that is keeping your team from understanding the bigger picture and what you can do about it – revealed in 8:56. 

→ How to reduce employee turnover and turn your employees from expenses into assets – revealed in 10:10. 

→ Why this "boring" play is the key to freeing up your time, reducing errors, and adding value to your business – revealed in 11:01.

→ How to get more done in less time, with less effort, and with less resources – revealed in 12:05.

→ The simple action that the world's most prolific billionaire business leaders do daily - revealed in 13:23.

Bottom line: Scaling your business beyond 7-figures, while having the impact, growth, and life you desire, is as simple as 7-steps that you can begin implementing today. 

If not now, when?  

Access it today. Available for a limited time.

Since 2008, Kevin has helped dozens of 7-figure businesses, in industries ranging from software to professional services to distribution, double every 3-years (or less) through focus, simplification, and championing their purpose. 

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Feedback From People Who Have Worked with Kevin Cohen, Creator of the Scale Playbook

“Kevin brings a dynamic structure to our business meetings that have allowed for us to see through a different lens and grow from 7-figures to an 8-figure business… 

He provides an insightful step-by-step blueprint to achieve our goals...I've been able to earn more money year over year since we started working with Kevin… 

His business and mindset skills are off the chart. One of the go-to people in my network.”

Tony Grebmeier

Partner, ShipOffers

"Kevin's superpower is to cut through the clutter and zero in on exactly what a business needs to do to get to the next level. 

He applied the 80/20 principle to launching my upsells, and his advice saved my business.

If you're lucky enough to work with Kevin. Do it! Do it now! Before he changes his mind."

Patrick Stiles

Founder & CEO, Zen Life Supplements

"Working with Kevin is like drinking from the fire hose. His ideas, energy, and experience bring unparalleled results. When we hired Kevin, he brought a unique perspective that challenged ideas in our business that were keeping us from growing and reaching our true potential.  

I guess the true test is whether or not we have gone back for more . . . and yes, we continue to hire Kevin to consult with us and we have no intention of stopping. If you are reading this testimonial and are considering reaching out to him - just stop reading, contact him, and see for yourself."

Brent Weaver

CEO, uGurus

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